Laser Electrical Bundaberg South is 'Totally Dependable' when it comes to advising on and installing quality air-conditioning units for your home or business.

Keep cool in summer and warm in winter with a reverse cycle, split system air-conditioner or ducted system, with prices starting from just $1499 fully installed.

Keep Your Cool

There are many things that need to be considered when selecting a unit to suit your needs.

Our professional installers will take the guesswork out of choosing the right system. During an obligation-free site consultation, a Laser qualified electrician will:

  • Discuss your heating and cooling needs with you
  • Measure the room taking into account: window positioning and size, hallways, alcoves or other areas that can't be closed off
  • Determine whether the dwelling is insulated
  • Assess the ideal position of the unit for optimum performance
  • Consider whether multiple units may be required
  • Answer any questions you may have about how to save on energy consumption in your home or business

Size Matters

Matching the correct size air conditioning unit to the size of the room is extremely important. An under-sized air conditioner will work harder to cool the room which will waste energy and cost you money.

The following sizing chart is a guide to the capacity required to cool different sized rooms.

Room size (Metres) Capacity-Cooling (C)/Heating (H)
3.0m x 3.0m = 9m² 2.5KW(C) / 3.2KW(H)
5.0m x 5.0m = 25m² 3.5KW(C) / 3.7KW - 4.3KW(H)
5.5m x 5.5m = 30m² 3.5KW(C) / 3.7KW(H) - 5.0KW(C) / 6.0KW(H)
6.3m x 6.3m = 40m² 5.0KW(C) / 6.0KW(H) - 6.0KW(C) / 7.2KW(H)
6.7m x 6.7m = 45m² 6.0KW(C) / 7.2KW(H) - 7.1KW(C) / 8.0KW(H)
7.1m x 7.1m = 50m² 7.1KW(C) / 8.0KW(H) - 8.0KW(C) / 9.0KW(H)
7.7m x 7.7m = 55m² 8.0KW(C) / 9.0KW(H) - 9.2KW(C) / 10.0KW(H)

Maintain Your Unit

If your split unit or ducted system is not maintained regularly, then it will not perform at its best and may use more electricity, costing you money.

Mould and bacteria build up in air conditioning units and can contribute to illness if not cleaned regularly.

To ensure your unit is working at its best, the following tasks should be performed:

  • Clean filters every year and replace when necessary.
  • Have your unit serviced. Follow manufacturer's specifications for service schedule recommendations.

Laser Electrical can take the worry out of maintaining your air conditioning unit by providing an after-care service. You will be sent a reminder when a service is due. Just call our office, make an appointment and a Laser team member will attend to your unit. During this visit they will clean the filters, service the head unit and outside condenser and test to make sure that the unit is running effectively. It's that easy.

We are here to help. Call Laser Electrical Bundaberg South today.