Need more information on antenna and reception? Laser Electrical Bundaberg South answers the most commonly asked questions!

What are the common TV antenna reception problems?

We can help you with any of the following services:

The Antenna

Age: Is it old and corroded with elements missing? Is it digital ready?

Model: Is it the right antenna for your location? Certain TV antennas can perform better in different areas. One of our technicians can advise you of which antenna suits your area.

Location & height: Is your antenna situated in the optimal location and height on your roof? One of our technicians can test this with a specialised digital meter.

Direction: Is it pointing the correct way? Again, one of our technicians can test this with a specialised digital meter.


This is one of the most common problems with older installations. If you experience pixilation, chances are the cable will need to be replaced. Generally if an install is less than 5 years old it shouldn't be a problem. If you find the di-electric is air spaced, you are almost guaranteed to have picture breakup. Sheared, kinked or compressed cable can also cause issues.

Splitters, wall plates & connectors

Although these rarely cause a TV antenna system to fail completely, older parts should be upgraded to digital ready parts to ensure trouble free viewing for years to come. These parts include the compression connectors, F-type splitters and wall plates.

Antenna lead

This is a common problem. Many customers use an old poor quality antenna cable which worked fine on the analogue system, only to find it causes pixilation with the digital channels.

Amplifier / Booster

With the way digital signal works, amplifiers can aggravate the problem and often cause more problems than you started with. Bad signal does not always mean low signal and an amplifier may have fixed bad picture on the analogue channels, however it will often do the opposite with digital. This is really where you need a professional understanding and a high quality digital meter to determine what is actually required.


Many high powered electrical devices can cause picture problems. Some of these include light switches, microwaves, fan speed controllers and air conditioners. This is due to electromagnetic interference and can be eliminated with higher quality cable and good cabling practices or if required we can replace the faulty electrical device.


Generally this shouldn't be a problem as new TV's have automatic tuning and will generally not lose their settings unless the television is faulty. However you may have moved from a different city or town and never considered re-tuning the TV at the new address.

How many TV points can I connect to my antenna?

This really depends on the area you live in and the signal strength being received by the TV antenna. In perfect situations it is possible to connect 8 points without any problems and others can't handle more than one point. An amplifier / booster is used in these situations to increase signal strength. This is how a high rise building can service over 100 units with a single TV antenna.

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